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Our Services


& Estimating

From the moment we prepare our first budget to the moment the keys to the front door are handed to the owner, cost control is of paramount importance. To begin our cost control process, our estimates are prepared on detailed custom spreadsheets, broken down into standard divisions of work. Every cost is broken down and assigned a cost code based on the standard ‘master format’ which can then be directly traced to the final Cost Report.

Once we’ve received approval to begin construction, the estimate information is transferred to accounting where we begin to track budget values, subcontract values, costs-to-date, costs-to-complete, and variances to name a few.  To achieve this we use the industry leading accounting system by Timberline. With this system, the budget values are updated immediately with each and every invoice entry providing up-to-the-minute accuracy. Furthermore, every single entry is logged and copied providing a complete audit trail.

In turn, each Cost Report can be backed up with a detailed Change Order Control log identifying all contemplated and approved changes to date. Every cost identified in this log, whether approved or pending, is fully integrated into the Cost Report so that we not only see where the costs are, but also where they’re going.



Construction Management (C.M.) is an excellent contract format which provides the owner with an unparalleled opportunity to be involved in major design, construction and cost decisions throughout the entire building process to whatever extent they choose. Under a C.M. arrangement, we are ideally introduced at a very early stage when our input can have the greatest positive influence on planning & design, scheduling, durability, cost effectiveness, practicality, and quality.

By maintaining our C.M. involvement in the process, the owner can decide how best to spend their money; with full input from their design team including the construction manager who will keep a watchful eye on the overall budget requirements. Under a traditional design-bid-build format, an owner or his architect may sometimes select a construction material based on certain criteria only to find later that the delivery, construction sequence, and/or maintenance costs have offset any perceived initial savings. With us on the team as your Construction Manager, these disappointments can be avoided. In effect, the C.M. format provides one more business tool to the owner, professional construction input, to help them make informed decisions.



From developing a construction detail for a specific project application to full design-build services, we have the resources to deliver professional design input to whatever extent the project requires.  It may be offering constructive suggestions to existing design teams to reduce initial costs, delivery times, or operating costs, or it may be engaging out-sourced full-service architectural and engineering consultants.  In some instances design consultants will contact us at the early conceptual stage of a design and seek our input to help them guide their design decisions towards a desired budget objective.  Either way, édifice Construction is well within their comfort zone and has a solid history of providing valued design input and feedback.



This is the mainstay of our business, usually in a competitive tender environment but, increasingly, negotiated with our trusted clients.  General contracting takes the full spectrum of construction activities from estimating, scheduling, trade award and management, cost control, through to hand-over to the client.

Under a competitive tender format, we take drawings prepared by others and bid the work based on those drawings.  Upon award we organize and execute the full construction program with the full participation of the design team and inspection agencies.

Under a negotiated format, we often work from conceptual sketches and assist the design team in making effective decisions which integrate construction considerations at an early design stage to minimize cost and construction time.

Under any format, we keep a very close eye on the costs, process, and details and regularly offer constructive input on how we can improve the delivery of the project at hand.  By staying active in various construction formats édifice Construction is always in touch with current pricing and technological trends so we can be sure where the owner’s money is best spent.



Project Management is similar to Construction Management however, under this format, we are acting as a construction consultant to an owner who will typically issue contracts directly to sub-contractors.  This format is generally reserved for highly experienced owners who want greater control and are willing to accept greater risk.


& Planning

We use the most current computer generated Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling systems available to the industry. Our highly acclaimed MS Project program is the system of choice which allows us to graphically show links between each schedule activity thereby identifying, at any time, those activities which are of a critical nature. (Critical activities are defined as any activity which, if extended, will cause the overall duration of the schedule to be extended by an equal amount of time). This scheduling system also allows us to track float, responsibility, resource levelling, scheduled start and completion dates, work in progress, percentage completion and a multitude of other useful control mechanisms which enable us to ensure that each project is completed on time.

Trade Evaluation


If you are wishing to work with édifice Construction, we require our Trade Evaluation form filled out fully. Once we receive it, we will determine if your company meets our criteria. Please download and fill out the appropriate form below.