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General Contracting

This is the mainstay of our business, usually in a competitive tender environment but, increasingly, negotiated with our trusted clients.  General contracting takes the full spectrum of construction activities from estimating, scheduling, trade award and management, cost control, through to hand-over to the client.

Under a competitive tender format, we take drawings prepared by others and bid the work based on those drawings.  Upon award we organize and execute the full construction program with the full participation of the design team and inspection agencies.

Under a negotiated format, we often work from conceptual sketches and assist the design team in making effective decisions which integrate construction considerations at an early design stage to minimize cost and construction time.

Under any format, we keep a very close eye on the costs, process, and details and regularly offer constructive input on how we can improve the delivery of the project at hand.  By staying active in various construction formats CONSTRUCTION is always in touch with current pricing and technological trends so we can be sure where the owner’s money is best spent.