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Construction Management

Construction Management (C.M.) is an excellent contract format which provides the owner with an unparalleled opportunity to be involved in major design, construction and cost decisions throughout the entire building process to whatever extent they choose. Under a C.M. arrangement, we are ideally introduced at a very early stage when our input can have the greatest positive influence on planning & design, scheduling, durability, cost effectiveness, practicality, and quality.

By maintaining our C.M. involvement in the process, the owner can decide how best to spend their money; with full input from their design team including the construction manager who will keep a watchful eye on the overall budget requirements. Under a traditional design-bid-build format, an owner or his architect may sometimes select a construction material based on certain criteria only to find later that the delivery, construction sequence, and/or maintenance costs have offset any perceived initial savings. With us on the team as your Construction Manager, these disappointments can be avoided. In effect, the C.M. format provides one more business tool to the owner, professional construction input, to help them make informed decisions.