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Quality Control

It is said that ‘the last impression is the lasting impression’ and nowhere is this more evident than the quality of our final product. The best intentions will be quickly forgotten if the end quality of our project does not meet the owners’ and users reasonable expectations. Our quality control program recognizes that the best way to ensure this is by monitoring quality closely from the very onset of the project. We initiate punch lists from early on in a project identifying not only what remains to be done but what needs to be corrected or modified to achieve the desired quality. These punch lists are prepared for various trades as well as for ourselves, and superintendents are constantly reminded that an item does not get removed from any given list until it’s 100% complete. In addition to this, we introduce major milestones at our sub-trade coordination meetings which also address quality issues as they arise – not once the project is nearing completion. Lastly, project managers are encouraged to look specifically for quality issues (as well as safety issues) every time they visit a site. The first and last comment as they arrive and leave any given site should always be relating to quality and safety.