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Our Mission Statement

The construction business often presents challenging and difficult predicaments, not all of which have historically been dealt with in the most honourable manner. However, we believe that we can exist within this industry, and even prosper, without resorting to questionable behaviour. To help us pursue this ideal we have adopted a straight forward philosophy.

  • We will advocate established Christian principles and encourage sound moral judgement. We will be honest, open, and fair in our dealings and invite all who work with us (owners, consultants, employees and trades alike) to hold us to this commitment and to share in it. We will resist projects, relationships, and situations which seriously threaten this philosophy.
  • We will provide fair, competitive pricing. We will not necessarily be the lowest price but we will never be excessive.
  • We will remain a small and tightly controlled organisation working within, and not beyond, our capabilities.
  • We will dedicate ourselves to a small number of selected projects at any given time, do them to the best of our abilities, and then move on.
  • We will select projects which focus on building relationships of trust with a small number of clients who, in return, place their confidence in us as respected members of their team.
  • We will respect the people with whom we work and, in particular, their right to a safe, productive, and dignified work environment and never knowingly subject them to the contrary.
  • We will work to build and maintain a network of ‘like-minded’ trade contractors and suppliers and encourage them to embrace our philosophy and actively participate in it. We will seek ‘the best price’ for the work at hand and not necessarily accept ‘the lowest price’.