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Community Commitment

We recognize that we are immeasurably fortunate to be living and doing business in a stable, secure, prosperous country like Canada.  As such, we strive to be active and positive community members, here and elsewhere.  This is why each Christmas, in lieu of random gifts to clients,  CONSTRUCTION makes a significant contribution to those less fortunate than us.  In previous years, we have helped fund: the purchase of a van for a Peruvian orphanage; the construction of a new home in South America; and the purchase of a stable-full of animals through the assistance of an international aid organization. Here in Canada, we are proud to support numerous local and national groups, including the Union Gospel Mission, the CASV Crisis Pregnancy Centres, and the ALS Society of Manitoba. Below is a letter of thanks from one of our beneficiaries.

 CONSTRUCTION firmly believes that charity and justice begin at home, and that is why we are also proud to offer competitive wages, extended health benefits, continuing education opportunities and a safe working environment, far above the legally required minimum, to all our employees.

It is our sincere intention to continue to share our blessings at every opportunity and we invite our business associates to join us in doing so.  Along the right side are some photos from our friends in Peru, along with the vehicle we helped them acquire to transport the children to and from school and medical appointments.